Gene (Cappy) Holmon is an Army veteran who was disabled during the Tet Offensive of the Viet Nam war. After being medically retired from the military because of his combat injuries, he came home, went to college on the G.I. bill, had a family and a career in corporate and private business.

From the very beginning Cappy had a passion for cooking, especially with charcoal and smoke, and took great pleasure in watching his family and friends delight in his creations. Over the course of decades he experimented with different herb and spice combinations in order to create a signature all-purpose seasoning, not for commercial purposes, but for his own personal enjoyment.

After drawing inspiration from some of the most renowned food regions in the country and much trial and error, Cappy’s dry rub was developed and perfected. Over the years people who enjoyed Cappy’s food would constantly insist that he open a restaurant but this was the farthest thing from his mind since he had no restaurant experience. During all of these years his wife Paulette had been using his dry rub almost exclusively to season all of their day to day meals at home. One day she had the revelation that starting a restaurant wasn’t the answer, but that maybe they could sell the rub itself.

Cappy and Paulette began handing out little plastic bags containing ½ ounce samples of the dry rub to anyone that would accept one. The positive response was overwhelming. So, in 2013 the husband and wife team decided to let the rest of the world in on their ‘little secret’ and brought Cappy’s Dry Rub to the marketplace.

Today, Cappy’s Dry Rub can be found in select grocers all around southern California and is now available online for your convenience. We invite you to taste and see why Cappy’s has become a household favorite among celebrities and children young and old.

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